Upcoming Auditions

The Wild Guys

by Andrew Wreggitt and Rebecca Shaw

Directed by Cathy Moore
Produced by Bev Dietrich
Stage Managed by Pat Northey

Auditions September 29 & 30, 2019
7:00 to 9:00 PM

The Wild Guys is a play about four men who, for very different reasons, wind up on a “men’s awareness weekend” in the bush. Andy, Robin, Randall and Stewart — guys for whom “hunting and gathering” means looking for the produce section at the grocery store — bring all their neuroses, hang-ups, blind spots and bald spots to a men’s weekend in which none of them has much genuine faith. What they discover, however, is that each of them is profoundly needy in some way and once the well-fortified doors to their psyches have been battered down, there’s no controlling what will happen next!

Cast Requirements – we are looking for middle-aged men with an acting range of mid-40’s to late 50’s

  • Stewart: Stewart Gyver, the manager of a grocery store chain in a northern Ontario town
  • Andy: Andy Graham, an executive at the grocery chain store’s head office in the city and a member of a men’s group
  • Randall: Randall Harrison, a very fit and polished lawyer in the city firm that handles the grocery store’s account
  • Robin: Robin Cunningham, a member of the same men’s group that Andy Graham belongs to

The Wild Guys is Elmira Theatre Company’s WODL Out of Festival entry.

Auditions will be by cold read. Please bring a resumé if you have one.

Rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons and Tuesday / Thursday evenings.
Shows run Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, Feb. 6-9, Feb. 13-15.